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About Native Safari Africa

We design once-in-a-lifetime journeys for individuals who appreciate luxury in all its forms. Whether you’re looking for meaningful time with your loved ones or the chance to reconnect with yourself, returning to the wild or meeting fascinating people with different stories to tell, we design journeys for those who wish to rediscover, reconnect and take part in something bigger. Above all, we take you on journeys that get you under the skin of the place you’re visiting, and that connect you with local people, cultures and customs.

We are a fully registered Safari and Tour Operator, incorporated in Nairobi- Kenya with its Head Office in Nairobi. Today we have emerged to be one of the most sought after Safari and Tour Operators in Kenya due to our Expertise and Knowledge of the wildlife history and habitat as well as provision of Safaris Holiday planning and Ground handling services by on-line and overseas Travel Agents.

We have over 3 years unrivaled experience and the specific knowledge required to create the most exclusive hand-crafted travel arrangements to East Africa.

Our knowledge is unparalleled, as all of our staff have travelled extensively throughout the region – indeed some of them were born and brought up there, and we have a passion for our culture, which means that we are always up to date on the latest trends ands are able to offer the very best advice.

Furthermore, our recommendations and suggestions are only ever based upon personal experience, and we are committed to regular site inspections.
Our long-standing and leading position in the travel industry also allows us to negotiate the best rates, ensuring that you not only get your perfect holiday but also excellent value for money.

At Native Safari Africa we believe in creating life-changing journeys and experience. Our purpose today, is stronger than ever before in our dedication to conserving, preserving and restoring Africa’s wilderness and wildlife. We believe that in protecting the wildlife, and including local communities in the process, we will make a difference to Africa and ultimately the world.

Whether you want to travel to Mombasa Kenya or experience Wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara, we are on standby to share our vast knowledge of expertise, and help you tailor-make a journey that is rare, exclusive and extraordinary.

If you are considering an outdoor vacation anywhere in East Africa, write to us and let one of our experienced staff match the perfect trip with your dream. We have all the possible lifetime adventures we can customize for you.

Your vacation is the most precious time of the year and we are committed to make it the most memorable time of your life!

We Strive to Impact Positively

Our vision is based on the premise that, in order to care for Africa’s wildlife and its people, our company must be sustained through creating exceptional journeys for our guests. In this way, we are able to show meaningful and lasting benefits for the natural environments and the communities that surround our operations. This also allows us to create experiences that transform our guests’ lives.

Our Commitment

At​ Native Safari Africa we’re committed to delivering the very best travel experiences to East Africa’s most breath-taking destinations. We’ll take the hard work out of organizing your holiday and safari, and we’ll design a personalized itinerary that is a perfect fit for your interests, dates and budget. With our personal insight and exceptional knowledge of East Africa’s destinations we can design a remarkable and truly unforgettable travel experience.

Why Book with Native Safari Africa

  • We believe in Africa – the cradle of mankind

Native Safari Africa are specialists; we sell the East African tourist attractions, and we know Africa better than the rest.

  • We are Passionate about Africa

We love Africa. We feel intimately connected with East African environment and its wildlife. Africa has a way of getting inside you and touching your soul… it’s a remarkable feeling for those who experience it and we are both constantly yearning to experience more. Africa is our passion and we get a wonderful pleasure from introducing new guests or helping past visitors to reconnect with all that East Africa has to offer.

  • We are flexible with price

You will pay the same (but usually even less) booking your Kenyan, Ugandan, or Tanzanian safari holiday with us than by booking directly with East African lodges and camps. You do not pay extra for our services, rather, we receive discounted rates from these accommodation facilities during the safari, add our markup, and still pass along net savings to our guests.

In addition, you have the assurance that your trip is being planned and your booking handled by experienced and passionate native safari experts on hand to answer all your questions before you travel.

Our trips have no hidden costs. We don’t quote you a low price and then tell you later that, in addition, you have to pay additional fees or that inter-country transportation is extra. When we quote on a safari tour, practically everything except gratuities, personal purchases, and perhaps imported liquors are typically included in the cost. We will always inform you upfront about any additional costs.

Why Travel with Native Safari Africa

Travel With Passion

When you travel with us you make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of our world's cultures and wildlife.

Fulltime Support

We are on call 24/7 to assist you throughout your journey. Our support team are always available to you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

1st Class Guides

You can expect the finest interpretive experience from our incredible private and specialist guides.

Safari Experts

Our Travel Specialists never send a guest anywhere they haven't been themselves.

Lifetime Moments

We are all about tailoring each journey around our guest's specific interests or expectations. Our collection of perfect moments are often exclusive to us, ensuring a unique adventure.

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