Karen Little Paradise

Just outside Nairobi towards Ngong Hills on the Ngong road between Karen and Ngong is the small agricultural farm “Karen Little Paradise” with fresh vegetables, fruits, cows, goats and small animals.

In a quiet location, you can enjoy the view over the fertile forest to the Ngong Hills, as Karen Blixen lived. With us you can enjoy the delicious food, prepared traditional or internationally with a unique ambiance, maybe at sunset. All meals are from our own garden – even the meat. So “Little Paradise”!

Spend the night in roundhouse, standard – or deluxe apartment with Makutti roof (thatched roof), with hot / cold water, veranda, every comfort and amenity and friendly service to the home. Cast your next safari with a drink at the gazebo (separately roundhouse) with like-minded in a romantic setting.

Karibu ! (welcome)

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