Rugged and remote, these wildlife reserves (298km/115m) lie just within the fascinating semi-desert Northern Frontier District in Kenya. With a magnificent background of jagged purple mountains, they provide some of the best and most colorful game viewing in the country. The tranquil Ewaso Nyiro River flowing through the park, provides a natural habitat for crocodile. Long necked gerenuk, Gevy’s Zebra and graceful reticulated giraffe are species not found in the less arid areas to the south.

Elephants seek solace and contentment in the shallow waters of this river, which together with Buffalo Springs, supports a large variety of African mammals, cheetah and leopard being particularly well represented. A most impressive sight beside the pools and streams are great flocks of sand grouse, which come to drink every morning around 8.00 a.m as regularly as clockwork. Doves and guinea-fowl abound  and the giant Martial eagle perched on some high vantage point.

DISTANCE: Nanyuki 125km/80 miles – Nyeri 185 km/ 115 miles – Isiolo 50km / 30 miles

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